About Eric

Eric Amarillo is a Swedish vocalist and multi instrumentalist and sound healer who channels and transmits sacred and healing frequencies from other realms. With his unique background as a trained musician and born with a voice with an extremely wide range and abilities, the guides and helpers uses his bodily vehicle for communication and messaging of that which is beyond words..

When we gather for toning and chanting in a holy Sound Ceremony, shaman drums, flutes and rhythms combined with modern electronics and ancient overtone singing, brings us back to that original state, where we are free, unlimited and unified at the same time.. It is much like a plant medicine journey, but in my ceremonies the frequencies are the medicine.

After many years of touring and playing music in a myriad of genres from classical music to jazz, folk and electronica, Eric Amarillo is now fully dedicated to his intuitive way of expressing the Divine, but also to help others re-connect with his/her throat chakra and the powers of manifestation and transformation that it holds